Chris Mortenson
In the movement of the Sun, I felt something. This series is about the places we visit and how we translate visual images into words. For this work, I have asked people to translate a photograph of a landscape that they have been to, or are somehow connected to, by writing a detailed narrative of that landscape. I then take these narratives and translate them back into an image. Utilizing Internet image search engines, I appropriate the imagery to recreate the landscapes that my imagination visualizes as I decipher the text. The end result are images that aren’t exact representations of the landscape, but are references to that place. In actuality, these images are composites of multiple landscapes – put together in an attempt to realize the way our minds visualize words. After selecting thumbnail, please scroll over text to view image. If you would like to participate in the project by submitting a description, please click this link and fill out the email form.
© Chris Mortenson 2019