Chris Mortenson



The Alleyscape series has a direct link to the fascination that I have had for alleys since childhood, but it is not just a straight representation of these spaces. In the series I challenge the conceptions and stretch the threads between space, time, and location in an effort to present the viewer my own vision of the spaces that I have explored.  While moving through these spaces, I have become more aware of the way in which I would create my own personal utopian alley.  I have become the “architect” of these spaces, deciding where certain elements are placed. Utilizing images from different locations, I rearrange them into panoramas of my own design, giving the viewer fictional locations to explore.  I freely use components from these different locations to challenge the very idea of location.  By using images from different places, the finished pieces become an amalgamation of the location as a whole rather than just a direct representation of each individual place. Stretching the conventions of time, each piece appears on sight to be within the same moment of time, but in fact, they can be comprised of slices of time that my be weeks or months apart. The idea of space is re-worked to create spaces that would not, and sometimes could not exist in reality.  The finished pieces are far from tangible spaces, yet they are comprised of fragments of reality.  As a whole, they are locations that exist only in my mind, and in two dimensions, yet they are also comprised of actual locations that can be touched, explored, and experienced in reality.

© Chris Mortenson 2019